A new financial crisis has begun. And it is already too late

A new financial crisis has begun. And it is already too late Everyone who has a good salary and a steady income from work knows exactly what I'm talking about. But not everyone was prepared for this, and it wasn't ready.It's all about the end of the "veil" of credit and the beginning of a new financial crisis. And this is all about our country and the coronavirus. In just 2 weeks, I myself "veiled" myself in the banking and investment market in order to officially launch a new financial "revolution". So, what is stopping us all from making rapid and deep changes in our financial lives?And the crash has already begun; the dollar exchange rate has increased; and stock indices have increased.And it will certainly continue to increase.Therefore, I recommend that you take a closer look at the following financial "conspiracy theories":1) Everyone is to blame for the crash This one is often heard to the comment that "everyone is to blame for the crash."Yes, I agree, this is a good point. But only for those who heard and fell into a financial "hole" at the same time.For those who are still alive, this means only one thing — that you still need to take responsibility for your actions and the results that resulted.Forgiveness and a meaningful reconciliation with the state and the coronavirus are not part of the agenda right now.2) the Bank holidays are coming soonAnd this is the most important thing you can do before the New year.Now is the time to make your savings and check how much money you have left in your account. you have a "weapon" that will protect you from the inevitable fall.The stock market always "faults" and "falls" on those who do not understand what they are talking about. Therefore, today it is very important for each of us to understand what the meaning of the "monthly averaging strategy" is and how exactly it can be applied in practice.The best time to buy stocks is before the New year (or before the Chinese New year, or before the US election, etc.).3) there is No financial cushionIt has long been no secret that in order to always be "in the money" in any crisis, you need to have a reliable income.And right now, no one in their right mind thinks that a lot of money is needed to buy even the most basic things. Even if you get a salary, this is still "pie in the sky".So take a deep breath. And exhale. Repeat this one more time.Now let's go back to the drawing board…4) if you do not get cash benefits, then you are not in need of anythingYou will not be able to "pull" yourself.Experts are divided on this issue.Some claim that even if you are self-employed, you still need to collect "active unemployment benefits".And you should not rely only on your salary — you should also be looking for additional earnings, and be sure to find them.Even if you have not been performing any work at all for a long time, you still need to look for a new job (in your free time from your main job).5) you can always find a jobIf you are currently out of a job, then you should think about finding a temporary one.There are a lot of vacancies around (including for remote work).Look for remote and site specific jobs. 1) Read my article " Where NOT to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money places". 2) Read my article "what skills you need to become rich".