5 rules for a quick victory (in order to become a winner, you need to play fair)

5 rules for a quick victory (in order to become a winner, you need to play fair) Today, the so-called" game of life "is opened up to us.And if you want to win the lottery (or get an unexpected inheritance), or become the first or second in your line of work, or learn a new profession — then you know the following rules::1) Focus on what you can controlDo not worry about what you can't influence.Focus on what you can control:what you do, where you live, and how you earn money;what you need for a comfortable life;what steps you need to take to achieve your dream;what professional skills are currently (or will be in the near future) required of you to earn money;what sources of passive income can be found.2) Control your expenses You need to understand what your money is being spent on. You need to know what your "bucket" is being used to warm your blood, what medical conditions you have, what daily habits force you to save, what prevents you from improving your financial situation.control your expenses (make a good habit of saving 10-20% of each income earned);look for suitable options for additional earnings;discuss with your Mother in the comments about how you can increase your income.3) Make your money work Save some of your money.Get started by buying currency, stocks, and other financial instruments every month.This will allow you will gradually generate significant capital (the income from which will fully support your entire family).Executive SUMMARY:1) to become a truly rich person, you need to control your expenses.2) to do this, you need to understand what is "wasting" (what you can't afford). by default).1) Read my article " Where NOT to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article " what skills do you need to become a professional?" rich."